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Licensed Kentucky Processor of Industrial Hemp
Experience the Research-Oriented Difference

We offer the following services as they relate to full/broad spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) hemp extract: extraction, winterization, molecular filtration, product development, customized formulations, and product manufacturing.

We offer a full spectrum CBD product line for wholesale, which includes oil-based tinctures and topicals. Contact us for more information regarding wholesale options.

Please contact us for information regarding current lead times and service/product availability. 



Our team focuses on extraction of cannabinoids, which includes cannabidiol (CBD). Extensive in-house experimentation stands behind our extraction methods. Both sub and supercritical parameters are utilized during the process. Optimal parameters are required to ensure a full extraction of cannabinoids while minimizing the extraction of plant waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll.



Filtration methods are vital to ensure proper winterization of hemp extract. A considerable quantity of the CBDa content can be maintained due to the low temperatures through the process. The purity of winterized extract achieved through winterization eliminates the need for further refinement.



We offer customized formulations of full/broad spectrum CBD products. For us, it is important that these products reach those who need it the most. Our product line is available for wholesale, and we also custom formulate and manufacture private label products. Our hemp extract and formulations are third party tested to verify purity and potency. These results are readily available to our customers.

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