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4x Muay Thai World Champion Sakasem Kanthawong, known worldwide as "The Punisher," is a veteran of over 220 professional Muay Thai fights, having never lost by KO! In 2017, Sakasem was diagnosed with lymphoma, but through determination, nutrition, rigorous training, and treatment, he beat cancer. In 2019, he was given a clean bill of health. Sakasem is a true inspiration, leading by example as an epitome of optimal health.

The Punisher presents his custom-made functional and adaptogenic plant-based product line, developed in direct collaboration with one of his students, Marie Grinstead. Marie has a PhD in mechanical engineering and is approaching a decade of business experience in the alternative medicine and cannabis industries, with a heavy focus in CO2 extraction science, holistic health, and botanical product formulation.

Muay Thai duo, teacher and student, develop proactive and restorative formulas specifically to service practitioners of Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, CrossFit, weight-training, and more. As such, these custom products are perfectly suited for anyone dedicated to excelling mentally and physically every day, fostering internal balance, and enhancing connection to self, nature, and community.

Innovative plant-based formulas may aid resilience against modern-life imbalances and support homeostasis, thus optimizing the mind and body. Phytonutrients potentially offer natural relief and recovery for those who challenge themselves relentlessly on a journey of self-improvement. 
At the core of their mission is supporting your dedication to a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle. 

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